30 Beautiful Backyard Gazebo Ideas

Beautiful Backyard Gazebo Ideas (24)

Many see the idea of a gazebo as a window into the past, when a separate space was needed for courting while still being chaperoned. The quaint charm of an outdoor room can still add character to a backyard space, especially if you have a large yard or a garden. But consider new options available to update the style of your outdoor gazebo. Don’t settle for the traditional appearance.

A pergola can be a perfect addition to a backyard to create a shaded, welcoming atmosphere for entertaining guests, a spot for dining and conversation, or a space for kids to play. Place a couple chairs inside a gazebo and you just might find it’s your new favorite place to spend time. It’s like an outdoor room, inviting you and your guests to spend time simply relaxing.

Below you’ll find some ideas to do that in the best way, enjoy and get inspired!

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